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The Future of Christian Marriage

Returning to a foundational view of marriage: A review of “The Future of Christian Marriage” by Mark Regnerus - The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 

How Should Christians Preserve Marriage? Review: ‘The Future of Christian Marriage’ by Mark Regnerus - The Gospel Coalition

Cheap Sex


"Cupid, Interrupted." Claremont Review of Books, Winter 2018.

"Uncomfortably astute." - The Atlantic Commentary


"Bracing." - The Globe and Mail

"This book is the most important attempt to date to honestly depict the phenomenon of cheap sex in American society and thus the framework for any path forward."-Institute for Family Studies


New York Post

"A magisterial study of the changing sexual landscape today. Will become a standard work of reference in the field." - Anthony Giddens, London School of Economics

"Regnerus has a breezy, likable way of telling a fascinating and engaging story. A great read." - Linda Waite, University of Chicago


"An indispensable read for anyone wishing to understand the sex lives of today's adults." - Roy F. Baumeister, author, Is There Anything Good About Men?


"Everyone concerned about the plight of young men in America should wrestle with the arguments in this important book." - W. Bradford Wilcox, University of Virginia

"Regnerus's interviews and survey data, both of which involve some incredibly personal questions, offer a remarkably detailed overview of the current mating market." - Robert VerBruggen, The National Review

"Regnerus has produced another well-researched study, based on big datasets, of the sexual and marital practices of young Americans." - William B. Weston, Centre College

"Regnerus’s achievement in Cheap Sex is singular. He builds on a variety of foregoing insights to turn economic analysis of the sexual revolution into a gripping, panoramic portrait of the times, illustrated in vivid statistical color...Maybe all this movement under the cultural surface is registering somewhere. Maybe, just maybe, the Great Pretend over the sexual revolution is starting to crack.” - Mary Eberstadt, Faith & Reason Institute.

Premarital Sex in America

"Fascinating and highly readable." - American Journal of Sociology

Culture, Health, & Sexuality

New Republic


Forbidden Fruit

American Journal of Sociology


The Journal of Sex Research

"A serious work of sociology." - Slate

Social Forces

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