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Journal Articles

Vermurlen, Brad, Mark Regnerus & Stephen Cranney. 2023. "The Ongoing Conservative Turn in the American Catholic Priesthood." Sociological Spectrum.

Vermurlen, Brad, Mark Regnerus, and Stephen Cranney. 2022. "Is the Catholic Church in America
Experiencing Internal Secularization? Priests’ Assessments of Pope Francis and the Condition of
the Church.
" Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.


Regnerus, Mark, and Brad Vermurlen. 2022. "Attitudes in the U.S. Toward Hormonal and/or Surgical Interventions for Adolescents Experiencing Gender Dysphoria." Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Regnerus, Mark D., Stephen Cranney, and Brad Vermurlen. 2021. "Is Homosexuality in the Priesthood Diminishing? Evidence from Sexual Attitudes, Behaviors, and Contexts of Catholic Clergy in the United States." SSRN.

Vermurlen, Brad, Stephen Cranney, and Mark D. Regnerus. 2021. "Introducing the 2021 Survey of American Catholic Priests: Overview and Selected Findings." SSRN.

Regnerus, Mark. 2020. "Understanding How the Social Scientific Study of Same-Sex Parenting Works." Roczniki Nauk Społecznych 48, no. 3: 43-60.

Regnerus, Mark. 2020. “Richard Togman: Nationalizing Sex: Fertility, Fear, and Power.” (Book Review). The Review of Politics 82: 500-502.

Regnerus, Mark. 2020. “Measurement and Analytic Vulnerabilities in the Study of Structural Stigma.” (Commentary). Social Science & Medicine.
Regnerus, Mark. 2019. Sexual Media as Competition in the Heterosexual Relationship Market (Commentary). Archives of Sexual Behavior 48: 2279-2281.

Regnerus, Mark. 2019. “Comment on Barbara Risman’s review of Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy. Contemporary Sociology 48: 130-131.

Regnerus, Mark, Joseph Price, and David Gordon. 2017. “Masturbation and Partnered Sex: Substitutes or Complements?” Archives of Sexual Behavior 46: 2111-2121.

Regnerus, Mark. 2017. “Is Structural Stigma’s Effect on the Mortality of Sexual Minorities Robust? A Failure to Replicate the Results of a Published Study.” Social Science & Medicine 188: 157-165.

Regnerus, Mark, Joseph Price, and David Gordon. 2016. “Documenting Pornography Use in America: A Comparative Analysis of Methodological Approaches.” Journal of Sex Research 53: 873-881.
Price, Joseph, Rich Patterson, Mark Regnerus, and Jacob Walley. 2016. “
How Much More XXX is Generation X Consuming? Evidence of Changing Attitudes and Behavior Related to Pornography since 1973.” Journal of Sex Research 53: 12-20.
Regnerus, Mark. 2012. “
Mating Market Dynamics, Sex-Ratio Imbalances, and their Consequences.” Society 49: 500-505.
Regnerus, Mark. 2012. “
Parental Same-Sex Relationships, Family Instability, and Subsequent Life Outcomes for Adult Children: Answering Critics of the New Family Structures Study with Additional Analyses.” Social Science Research 41: 1367-1377.
Regnerus, Mark. 2012. “
How Different are the Adult Children of Parents who have Same-Sex Relationships? Findings from the New Family Structures Study.” Social Science Research 41: 752-770.
Woodberry, Robert D., Jerry Z. Park, Lyman A. Kellstedt, Mark D. Regnerus, and Brian Steensland. 2012. “
The Measure of American Religious Traditions: Theoretical and Measurement Considerations.” Social Forces 91: 65-73.
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Bare Market: Campus Sex Ratios, Romantic Relationships, and Sexual Behavior.” The Sociological Quarterly 51: 408-435.
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The Role of Religion in Shaping Sexual Frequency and Satisfaction: Evidence from Married and Unmarried Older Adults.” Journal of Sex Research 47: 1-12.
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When Faith Divides Family: Religious Discord and Adolescent Reports of Parent-Child Relations.” Social Science Research 38: 155-167.
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Religious Involvement and Attitudes toward Parenting among Low-income Urban Women.” Journal of Family Issues 29: 882-900.
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Going Most of the Way: ‘Technical Virginity’ among American Adolescents. Social Science Research 37: 1200-1215.
Uecker, Jeremy, Mark D. Regnerus, and Margaret Vaaler. 2007. “
Losing My Religion: The Social Sources of Religious Decline in Early Adulthood.” Social Forces 85: 1667-1692.  
Regnerus, Mark D. and Jeremy Uecker. 2007. “
Religious Influences on Sensitive Self-Reported Behaviors: The Product of Social Desirability, Deceit, or Embarrassment?” Sociology of Religion 68: 145-163.
Regnerus, Mark D. and Viviana Salinas. 2007. “
Religious Affiliation and AIDS-based Discrimination in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Review of Religious Research 48: 385-401.  
Trinitapoli, Jenny and Mark D. Regnerus. 2006. “
Religion and HIV Risk Behaviors among Married Men: Initial Results from a Study in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 45: 505-528.
Regnerus, Mark D. and Jeremy Uecker. 2006. “
Finding Faith, Losing Faith: The Prevalence and Context of Religious Transformations during Adolescence.” Review of Religious Research 47: 217-237.
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Religious Change and Adolescent Family Dynamics.” The Sociological Quarterly 47: 175-194.
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The Parent-Child Relationship and Opportunities for Adolescents’ First Sex.” Journal of Family Issues 27: 159-183.
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Selection Effects in Studies of Religious Influence.” Review of Religious Research 47: 23-50.
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Talking about Sex: Religion and Patterns of Parent-Child Communication about Sex and Contraception.”  The Sociological Quarterly 46: 81-107.
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Social Context in the Development of Adolescent Religiosity.” Applied Developmental Science 8: 27-38.
Regnerus, Mark D. 2003. “
Linked Lives, Faith, and Behavior: An Intergenerational Model of Religious Influence on Adol
escent Delinquency.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 42: 189-203.


Regnerus, Mark D. 2003. "John P. Bartkowski and Helen A. Regis: Charitable Choices: Religion, Race, and Poverty in the Post-Welfare Era." (Book Review) Social Forces, 82: 861-863.

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Religion and Positive Adolescent Outcomes: A Review of Research and Theory.”  Review of Religious Research 44: 394-413.
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Religion and Vulnerability among Low-Risk Adolescents.” Social Science Research 32: 633-658.
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Staying on Track in School: Religious Influences in High and Low-Risk Settings.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 42: 633-649.
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Coital Debut: The Role of Religiosity and Sex Attitudes in the Add Health Survey.” Journal of Sex Research 40: 358-367.
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Mapping American Adolescent Subjective Religiosity and Attitudes of Alienation Toward Religion: A Research Report.” Sociology of Religion 64: 111-133.
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Friends’ Influence on Adolescent Theft and Minor Delinquency: A Developmental Test of Peer-Reported Effects.”  Social Science Research 31: 681-705.
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Mapping American Adolescent Religious Participation.”  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41: 597-612.
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Pubertal Transitions, Overweight Self Perceptions, and Adolescent Psychosomatic Adjustment: Gender and Ethnic Differences.”  Social Psychology Quarterly 64: 363-375.
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Diana Mendley Rauner: They Still Pick Me Up when I Fall: The Role of Youth Development and Community Life.” (Book Review) Social Forces 79: 1545-1547.

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The Measure of American Religion: Toward Improving the State of the Art.”  Social Forces 79: 291-318.
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Voting with the Christian Right: Contextual and Individual Patterns of Electoral Influence.”  Social Forces 77 (4): 1375-1401.
Regnerus, Mark and Christian Smith. 1998. “
Selective Deprivatization among American Religious Traditions: the Reversal of the Great Reversal.”  Social Forces 76: 1347-72. 
Regnerus, Mark, Christian Smith, and David Sikkink. 1998. “
Who Gives to the Poor?  The Role of Religious Tradition and Political Location on the Personal Generosity of Americans toward the Poor.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 37: 481-493.

Book chapters

Regnerus, Mark D. 2017. “Reproducing Homes: Intergenerational Transmission of Marriage and Relationship Legacy.” In The Home: Multidisciplinary Reflections. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

Regnerus, Mark D. 2015. “
The Family as First Building Block.” In The Thriving Society: On the Social Conditions of Human Flourishing (edited by James R. Stoner, Jr. and Harold James). Princeton, NJ: The Witherspoon Institute.
Regnerus, Mark D. 2010. “
Religion and Adolescent Sexual Behavior.” In Religion, Families, and Health (Christopher Ellison and Robert Hummer, editors). New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.
Regnerus, Mark D. 2005. “
Adolescent Delinquency.” Pp. 259-276 in Helen Rose Ebaugh (ed.), Handbook of Religion and Social Institutions. New York: Kluwer/Plenum.
Sikkink, David and Mark Regnerus. 1996. “
For God and the Fatherland: Protestant Symbolic Worlds and the Rise of German National Socialism.”  Pp. 133-147 in Christian Smith (ed.), Disruptive Religion: the Force of Faith in Social Movement Activism.  New York: Routledge.  

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